"I close my eyes so I can see."
Paul Gauguin
blindfold chess

Blindfold King

Grandmaster Timur Gareyev

Timur's Upcoming Events - Blindfold Chess

Schedule GM Timur Gareyev to come to your city for a blindfold chess match or a blindfold chess training sessions

Contact: Jennifer Vallens at [email protected]

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Past Events:

Reform Club London
Colorado Springs
Arcadia Chess Club
Las Vegas
St. Louis
New York

January 8 Fort Meyers, FL
February 3 Oklahoma City
February 6 St. Louis
February 8 Georgia Tech
February 13 Coachella Valley Chess Club
February 21 Las Vegas Chess Center
March 5 Arvada Chess Club
March 6 Boulder Chess Club
March 12 Santa Clara, CA 
March 29 Marshall Chess Club, NY
April 26 UMBC, MD
May 6 Bay Area Chess Club
May 7 Whittier Chess Club
May 20 Stockholm

May 28 - 10 player Amsterdam

May 30 Chess24 Blitz event Germany

June 5 - 15 player Prague

June 9 - 10 player Exeter, UK

June 18 - Mid Summer Fest, KS

June 20 - Presentation at Las Vegas Chess Center 

July 9-15 Karpov Chess Camp, KS

August 1 Indianapolis, IN

August 20 Citrus Sierra Chess Club, CA 

August 21 Thousand Oaks, CA

September 11 Lindenwood University, MO

September 17 San Antonio, TX

September 24-25 Iowa

October 1 Deluth, Minnesota

November 12 Society of Neuroscience Conference San Diego, Ca

DECEMBER 3-4, 2016


UNLV Las Vegas, NV


May 2015 Off da Rook fundraiser party
July 2015 Tandem event in Germany
Aug 2015 Reykjavik 
Aug 2015 Waltham Chess Club, Boston
Aug 2015 Karpov Event Kansas
Aug 2015 Nor Cal Chess
Aug 2015 Chess Things, Cupertino
Sept 2015 Portland Chess Club
Sept 2015 The Chess Academy, Houston, 
Sept 2015 Oklahoma City 
Sept 2015 Nashville Chess Center
Oct 2015 Colorado 
Oct 2015 Mensa event Chicago
August 2014  Off da Rook Conejo Valley
November 2014 CYCL event with Jay Stallings