"I close my eyes so I can see."
Paul Gauguin
blindfold chess

Blindfold King

Grandmaster Timur Gareyev

Blindfold Chess

Photo courtesy of ventura county star

I started playing Blindfold Chess a couple of years ago. After several matches I became fascinated with the way it feels to play blindfolded. My dream is to break the world record for the most simultaneous games played at a time. I plan to match 50 opponents (or likely more!) and I must achieve a score of at least 40 victories. To prepare for this world breaking event, I will be training extensively both physically and mentally. I will be doing exhibition training matches all over the world. Invite me to conduct a blindfold exhibition match in your city: blindfoldking@gmail.com.

"Watching Timur play blindfold simuls and blindfold blitz is the  most 
amazing triumph of the mind I've ever seen in fifty years of chess."

-Brad Lundstrom,  Chess Teacher & Coach at Chessmates, Ft. Collins, CO

"It gives me great joy to know that some day when I look back on all of the athletes I covered in my life, I’ll be able to say the most impressive guy I ever saw was an exercise-bike-riding, walnut-eating, flip-flop wearing, blindfolded chess player."

-Shad Powers, Sports Columnist for The Desert Sun