"I close my eyes so I can see."
Paul Gauguin
blindfold chess

Blindfold King

Grandmaster Timur Gareyev


As you live your life, you wanna accomplish great goals. However most importantly you want to be in the moment and have fun (cauz life is short!). So that's what I will share with you, the moments of contemplation as well as moments of fun which often come at the same time!
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Smart people just do what they do

Posted by [email protected] on April 13, 2017 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Another magnificient event with 10 gentelemen primarily represented by the members of Reform Club and RAC (Royal Automobile Club). The enchanting venue certainly created the wonderful aura as well as challenges. I set out to play the event within the alloted 1.5 hours on my clock as well as 1 hour 30 minutes for my opponents.

Inspiration to achieve "Despite the Challenges"

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The law and the cosmic force of accomplishment despite any challenges works to charge us up regardless of whether we encounter good or bad luck along our journey:

Despite the challenges, I will take the steps I must take to accomplish my goal.

I will go wherever I must go to reach my goal.

I will strengthen the character traits which I must strengthen, in order to fulfil my vision.

In order to reach the highest goals and accomplish the most difficult tasks, you must form a principle, or the natural law which defines the results you are aiming for, and you must follow that law!

Через пустыни, океаны и горы в едином вздохе!

Practice at Hand

Posted by [email protected] on February 14, 2017 at 9:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Blindfold chess practice at every opportunity! This is sure is a great slogan to keep in mind and rehearse the blindfold brilliancies yet to come! I sure have explored ways to train, and actually playing the games is the best way to get comfortable and master the ability. 

(Improv blindfold session vs. 3 players as part of presentation at Innopolis University, Kazan, Russia)

Thus, I've encountered the opportunity to represent my Vegas team via online. It was tempting to try out the blindfold approach and so far I have interesting results. Primarily most of my matched ended up with an even result for me. Say I performed even at about 2450 level a number of times.  However one of the matches I ended up with 4-0!

I enjoyed a landslide victory vs Pittsburg including a clear point against Shabalov! 


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Today with however Little time and the inspired energy I have, I focus on what is in front of me and what touches people deeply now.

Love brings joy, and nature is a grateful witness to expression of our love through creative effort. Fun times are a matter of choice, and luck is one way to be creative.

Here are the joyous notes of life’s music that sing my day away! Nothing less but inspiration my friends! Yes full of Energy from the depth of my soul!




Strength in Justice

Posted by [email protected] on January 2, 2017 at 4:40 AM Comments comments (0)

I enjoy living life with every moment as it comes, truly fascinating to experience life in it's natural essence! So much is gained through research and investigation. As we transcended and modified our natural instincts into more "civilized" human way of life, the intellectual succeeded over the experiential. Having come a long way of ultimate intellectual pursuit I prefer to live life alike skydiving rather than chess. 

Or better if I were to live life alike playing a game of chess, I would pick to be Tal as the ultimate superhero! I feel like the best way to experience the best of both worlds is to set an intention of the direction you want your life to develop. Such are the great points of wisdom alike "Strength is in Justice", written on the statue of Amir Temur in Tashkent, or the spirit of eternal flame. 

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New Year's Resolution!

Posted by [email protected] on December 30, 2016 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Oh what a feeling to tap into the energy of universe! Guided by the "hand of God" your intentions manifest in an unstoppable storm of events bringing your desires to fruition! What a blissful sensation to live as life evolves moment to moment and only look back to smile and wave goodbye.Truly taste, hear, and feel! Those are all great gifts of our senses and the energy of life we can tap into every day! What an incredible style of accomplishment and celebration of a successful journey! 

Blindfold Chess Memory Palace

Posted by [email protected] on November 3, 2016 at 5:25 AM Comments comments (0)

You can reach fascinating results in remembering tremendous number and order of items at a time. In order to make the large random sequence and items accessible for your memory, you must chunk and transform random items into the "guests" of your "memory palace". 

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Similarly, there are ways to consolidate the order of 47 games of chess in your mind using the technique. One of the major challenges in playing multiple games blindfolded, is the start of the session. At the start, the opening moves are not very exciting for the mind to grasp. Oftentimes practioners of blindfold chess get discouraged by the blur of the moment, and do not proceed with their attempts to master the art of blindfold chess. 

The idea of memory palace becomes essential in creating the flow in recollecting the items as you move along the memory path. You start out by imagining a familiar path along your daily walk, journey to school, or walkway through your house. As you walk through, you establish anchors in notable places along your path. The key to successfully place the items in a memorable sequence, is to first transform those items into vivid images and characters you meet along your path. 

For example, considering you may have a sequence of several openings such as 1.d4-d5, 1.e4-e5, 1.c4-e5. You may choose the image of Princess Diana for Queen's Gambit, Elvis Presley for 1.e4-e5, and an Englishman drinking a cup of tea for English Opening. Now the key is to anchor those characters along the journey through your memory palace. As the games evolve you may elaborate on more ways to distinguish and transform the images to aid your memory...

Experience your Dream

Posted by [email protected] on October 13, 2016 at 11:50 PM Comments comments (0)

The best way to become a better chess player is to practice your game blindfolded. Intense visualization helps implement both the positional maneouvers, and execute tactics with a lot more clarity and confidence. This makes one wonder if blindfold chess skill is transferable to other serious pursuits as well as everyday life. 

Ambitions make you aim higher and look for perfection. Even though it is impossible to reach perfection, having a healthy level of obsession about your mission in life is certainly helpful! Recently I was re-examining some of my goals from a couple years ago. It is interesting that I primarily accomplished all the "fun" stuff on the list. Becoming a billionaire was not the number one goal I saw myself enacting with passion. I did dream of base-jumping and flying in the air, and so I did!

It's fun to close your eyes and see yourself experiencing the great feats of a lifetime. On a more practical level, either the night before or in the morning you may also visualize your day seeing all the details of what will work and make you happy. As your mind is set for success, the patterns for greater accomplishment will reveal themselves!

Blindfold Prince

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Walking along the desert paths, I encountered a miracle! Life in the desert belongs to the sea camels. The sea camels eat grassy cactus and other chipmunk species. The tree of life is not for everyone to be and hang around, but for everyone to get fed. Sixteen million wolves die and are born again in this treacherous terrain.

The wildest of dreams come true in the Desert of Seven Seas! The first wish comes true, all the rest turn into seeds, and replenish the abundant soil. Seventeen hundred baby prairie dogs are born every winter. All of them are reincarnated from the previous generation of the sea camels. 

Waterfalls of goodness fed the the barbarian tribe. Only one warrior knew the craft of the ancient warefare game. Seven billion words assembled to describe the world the baby-sea-camels are born into.., bright blue sky. World travellers assended to the nearest satellite. Seventeen hundred molecules of gas surround the magic mountain in Saturns' sphere of anti-gravity. 

When rain deer is asleep, the temperature outside of the nest becomes significantly higher. Seventeen degree angle makes the surface of the lake entirely accessible for the baby elephants. Only one out of three female baby-elephant species survive in the rain-deer-nest. Baby rain deer amounts for the biggest part of the current population in the Desert of Seven Seas....

Lifetime of first time experience!

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You live and you learn, and you get to have fun too! The best of the victories come in the moment of focused determination. To make it the best shot you are capable of, you gotta connect with the feeling of freedom as you experience intense concentration. After all, there is hardly anything more enjoyable than the act of doing!