"I close my eyes so I can see."
Paul Gauguin
blindfold chess

Blindfold King

Grandmaster Timur Gareyev

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I started playing Blindfold Chess a couple of years ago. After several matches I became fascinated with the way it feels to play blindfolded. My dream was to break the world record for the most simultaneous games played at a time. I accomplished this goal December 4, 2016 when I played 48 games blindfolded at the same time winning 35, drawing 7 and losing 6 in just under 19 hours. The event took place at the UNLV Foundations Building in Las Vegas. 

I plan to continue my blindfold chess journey as I travel throughout the world! This year I aim to visit one of South American and African countries. If you are interested in scheduling an event in the US or anywhere around the world please contact Jennifer Vallens at jennifer@blindfoldking.com

-GM Timur Gareyev

Я продолжаю мое путешествие и в этом году планирую посетить одну из южноамериканских и африканских стран. Если вы заинтересованы организовать мероприятие в США или во всем мире, пожалуйста, свяжитесь со мной и моей подругой Дженнифер Валленс по адресу: blindfoldking@gmail.com Гроссмейстер Тимур Гареев

"Watching Timur play blindfold simuls and blindfold blitz is the  most 
amazing triumph of the mind I've ever seen in fifty years of chess."

-Brad Lundstrom,  Chess Teacher & Coach at Chessmates, Ft. Collins, CO

"It gives me great joy to know that some day when I look back on all of the athletes I covered in my life, I’ll be able to say the most impressive guy I ever saw was an exercise-bike-riding, walnut-eating, flip-flop wearing, blindfolded chess player."

-Shad Powers, Sports Columnist for The Desert Sun